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Oh! hello Internet stranger,

So you've already reached here and want to know more, not that you're really curious about us (We won't mind that given moderation!) but maybe just to validate, crosscheck, dip your toes before you jump, those sort of stuff, to have some data you know, all those good 'ol human tricks.

So a little bit about us- we are engineers and art enthusiasts who have been wishing to do this for a long time and after a lot of reluctance we have finally created this portal where we can share and sell our art to a wider community.

And what are we doing here? a website, selling artwork, canvas, framed and frameless, paperworks, boxed, unboxed, full of text and just plain abstract ones with birds which many people would consider menaingless and weird and it's okay we know. We appreciate that, inspiration, love, surreal abstraction, genuine feelings in all forms and shape are okay and we want to transform all of those for your walls and eyes. And it's always good when you can tag us on instagram with the updated look of your room.

It's a new step for us and we don't know what's going to work, what isn't, so we don't think about that. We are just certain that if we like something maybe there are many others like us roaming around who have some sort of similar catch in their tastebuds

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Navi Mumbai, Chuckles art studio, Kharghar sector 10, 410210
Navi Mumbai Maharashtra,

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